Turkish Bath

The hammam, which has a very important place in Turkish culture, is really beneficial with its effects on our health. We all know that during the Ottoman Empire, the beauty secrets of women in the palace were also tied to the bath. Here are some benefits of hammam;

• With the effect of hot air and steam in the bath, all the dirt filling the pores on your body softens. With the pouch made, all the pores are opened. Thus, your skin is purified from dead skin and gets more oxygen.

• The Turkish bath relieves stress and calms the mind. If you go to the hammam when you are very stressed, you will realize that you are relieved of stress.

• The bath is good for the lymph system. It cleans the lymph system. Therefore, it is very beneficial to go 1-2 times a month.

• The hammam is good for muscle aches and muscle cramps. It is recommended to have a bath especially after sports. It provides rapid relief of pain in joints and muscles.

• Our body removes toxins thanks to the hammam. Fat is burned. For this reason, a hammam is recommended for people who want to lose weight.